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Frequently Asked Question

We've listed the most common question that we receive. Please read the answers first and if you've still hasn't found an answer, please feel free to contact us.

Who can join ILMA USA?

Anyone working in the medical field, with lebanese heritage, living in the UNited States of America.
This includes: Doctors, Medical Residents and Students, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Dentists,Pharmacists, Radiology Technicians, Researchers , Epidemiologists, Etc.

How can I join?

Click on "Join us" and it will direct you to a registration form. Membership Fees are waived for 2021.

Do you have a membership area / community?

Yes we do! Register by clicking on the top right button "log in" and you'll be able to take part in our community. In the membership area you can connect with other ILMA-USA members, join groups, upload you CV, blog, comment etc. 

Is my info safe here?

Yes, the only people who will have access to your registration info will be the ILMA board members. This will not be publicly shared.

How is ILMA USA funded?

In 2021, we are depending on your generous donations to build both our ILMA association and ILMA foundation (our charity foundation).
As of 2022, we will depend on both donations and membership fees to help us grow and expand our educational projects.

If i am looking for research or job opportunities, who should i contact?

Please upload your CV / application in the appropriate folder on the File share page "job opportunities". On the File Share page you'll also be able to see if there are any vacant jobs. You'll have to be a member of this site to be able to do that.